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English Spoken Here, e.K. was founded at the turn of the decade when it became apparent that the ‚McEnglish’ language schools were failing to meet the needs of their clients. Merely putting a ‚warm body’ in the classroom with generic materials and a minimum of training was not getting the job done. Having a recognised brand name does not guarantee appropriate content or the achievement of objectives.

While salutations and pleasantries form the basis for convivial conversation, merely learning how to order a steak medium-well done, being able to ask directions or talk about the weather is not enough for technical and business professionals.

Professionals need to be able to use the terms in their field to communicate effectively. Although there are similarities in the use of English in business world, the needs of a technician are different from those of someone working in the office.

As a result, our program is not ‚one-size-fits-all’. A custom designed course is created for each client, with planned objectives and quantitative results. Whether your firm has technicians in the field, mechanical engineers in the firm, or travelling executives, our expertise will bring your ideal to fruition.

We specialise in:

  • Classes at your location, arranged to fit your needs.
  • Technical English for the Manufacturing sector; Chemical, Mechanical, and Pharmaceutical.
  • Technical English for the IT sector.
  • Technical English for Research and Development.
  • Business English for the Financial Industry; Real Estate, Economics and the Banking Sector.
  • Business English for Contracts and International Trade.
  • Business English for Marketing and Sales.
  • Integration and cultural training.
  • Coaching.

Our Staff for Technical and Business English is comprised of only experienced professionals with TEFL, TESOL, and/or CELTA certification. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. Tell use your needs, we will provide the solutions.
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